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Consult With a Reliable Security Management Firm


Threat Analysis

The Serras Group identifies major security threats and risk exposure. We help clients address business risk impacts and strategies affecting deterrence, detection, prevention, protection, assessment, response, and recovery effectiveness.


Security Assessments

The Serras Group evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of in-place physical security protection measures and performance capabilities and practices. We help you identify which assets you want to protect and the threats they face. This allows decision-makers to set thresholds for future standards for preemptive or protective action.


Security Technology

The Serras Group determines the limitations of your electronic security systems. We identify the gaps in tech design configuration and performance expectations in order to find solutions
for them.


Organization Analysis

The Serras Group evaluates your company’s security organizations, management, and leadership. We create organizational strategies that improve a security organization's productivity and performance.


Emergency Planning

The Serras Group determines the effectiveness of security emergency planning, response and recovery plans, and ability and capability to perform mission-critical tasking. We develop strategies, and processes to advance and improve individual and group performance in ensuring security resilience.


Policy and
Protocol Creation

The Serras Group creates policies, plans, standards, guidelines, and best practices that help you achieve your business objectives. We integrate the efforts of stakeholders and determine whether security plans, protocols, and guidelines are aligned with corporate goals.


Training Development & Management

The Serras Group helps clients improve security organization performance and individual proficiency while increasing unit effectiveness, efficiency, and economy. This service leads to the solid development of training programs that encompass just-in-time instruction and professional certification standing.


Program Management

The Serras Group offers a full range of consultant advisory and system engineering technical assistance services. We aim to help you maximize your staff's productivity, effectiveness, efficiency, and economy.

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