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Providing You With Superior Security Management Services

Corporate Profile

Since 1990, The Serras Group in Nashua, NH has been offering clients unparalleled services and foresight in security management risk architecture and analysis in the following:

  • Expert Witness Testimony

  • Protocol Analysis, Creation of Policies, Plans, and Procedures

  • Qualification, Certification, and Training Analysis

  • Security Assessments, Threat Vulnerability, and Loss Consequence Analysis

  • Security Emergency Planning, Crisis Management Development

  • Security Organizational Analysis and Design Development

  • Security Organization, Management and Leadership Analysis, Inspections, and Audits

  • Strategic Planning, Program Development, and Program Management

  • System Engineering, Technical Assistance, and Performance Audits

  • Training Development and Training Management

Executive Profile

John Sullivant is one of America's leading, trusted advisors known for forensic consultation. He’s a distinguished Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute with five decades of exemplary security management and leadership experience.

He has more than 4,300 engagements that take on big security challenges and get results in industries, governments, and academia. John also pursues strategic solutions that enhance security performance, strengthen security practices, and blend outcomes into a larger framework of corporate security resiliency.


Work Experience

Throughout his career, John has been an incredibly effective and decisive leader. He delivers groundbreaking solutions that have distinct meaning and value to chief executives running large organizations of broad scope and complexity. John has provided consultant services to the following business sectors, domestically and globally.

  • Academia

  • Agriculture & Food

  • Banking, Financing & Insurance

  • Defense Industrial Base

  • Department of Defense & Military Installations

  • Gas & Oil

  • Government & Law Enforcement

  • International Civil Aviation

  • International Markets

  • Public Health & Emergency Services

  • Railway Transportation

  • Services & Entertainment

  • Telecommunications

  • Water & Power

In the private sector, he held prominent positions in companies such as Valley Plaza Inc., a major convention center. He was chief executive of the company as well as the president of its Board of Directors. John was also a former vice president of Security Applications Inc., a security design and engineering firm.

He joined Analytical Systems Engineering Inc. as an operations manager. Later, he became the Test Director for Integrated Security Systems for the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command.

Raytheon then recruited John as a business manager. He was also Deputy Program Manager for the National Nuclear Security Administration, responsible for implementing the security technology and Research Development Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) aspects of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START I). His work with the organization included several other U.S. unilateral treaties.

John has also held positions on national councils and advisory boards.

Educational Background

  • Acquired Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement From Texas State University (With Honors)

  • Earned Master of Science in Counseling and Guidance From Troy University (With High Honors and Academic Fitness)

  • Completed Post-Graduate Work in Police Administration at the Air Force Institute of Technology, University of Southern California

  • Attended Numerous Technical, Management, and Leadership Courses, Including More Than 4,000 Hours of Professional Development

  • Received Several Lifetime Achievement Awards

Professional Core Values

  • Accountability

  • Reliability

  • Integrity


Code of Professional Ethics


We are committed to absolute confidentiality with respect to your proprietary information and enterprise operations. All the data we obtain is held in strict confidence to the extent permitted by law. Our counsel is objective and based only on your needs and best interests.

Professional Ethics

Our company conducts business with the highest professional standards. We adhere to the Code of Ethics of the International Association of Professional Security Consults (IAPC), the American Society of Industry Security (ASIS) International, and the American College of Forensic Examiners International (ACFEI).

Freedom of Thought

We exercise independence of thought and action. Our advice is based upon impartial consideration of the known facts and free of external influences. We have no arrangement, ownership, or invested interest that would create a conflict of interest, and we do not accept compensations from anyone.

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